Frequently asked questions

Do we need to have a website already?

No.We can create a brand new website for you free of charge.If you would like to keep your existing website.That is fine.We will just integrate the order online button on to your existing website.

Do we need to purchase our own web hosting?

No. Hosting is included, no extra charge.charge. Opendining is a hosted service. We take care of the technical up-keep, so you can focus on running your restaurant and making your customers happy!

Can we make updates to our website?

You’ll have the ability to log in to the dashboard and make edits anytime you want. Our dashboard is super easy-to-use. Or, we can make those updates for you! Just shoot us an email and we’ll take care of it.

How do our customers pay for their orders?

They either pay directly to you.All card payments are sent to your bank account directly by the payment processor.We help you to set it all up.

30-Day free trial?

That’s right.I am sure you will be delighted with our App but for some reason if you’re not satisfied,you can cancel the service within the first 30 days of service.No questions asked.

Are there any contracts or long-term commitment?

No contracts, no commitment. You can cancel at any time.

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